What You Should Be Feeding Your Infant

Here are all the do's you need to know!


Every phase of your child’s growth is marked with a different set of need that come with it. The fact that your child has moved on from consuming only milk to eating solid food is a great milestone that you and your child have reached together.

However, the question that haunts every parent is when and how they can start giving their child semi-solid or solid food. It is common for Pakistani parents to not worry too much about what they’re feeding their children just because they were fed everything as kids. But don’t fall for this desi trap. You should always be mindful about what to feed your child and when.

Ideally, once a baby’s grip starts becoming firm you should know he/she is ready for finger food.

Early Food for Infants 1

Listed below are some healthy options to get your child started on semi-solid or solid food items:

  • Infant rice cereal
  • Boiled/steamed/pureed vegetables: Peas, carrots, potato, pumpkin
  • Fruits; Peach,pear, banana
  • Yoghurt
  • Rice/Pasta; mixed with vegetable purees
  • Sooji halwa, add milk to make it runny

However, you should avoid giving any hard food that cannot be squished between fingers as it can lead to choking. Such foods include raw carrots, apple slices and grapes.

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