Development Stages of a Newborn Baby


When you’re about to have a new baby, it’s always helpful to know the development stages that your baby will be experiencing. This way you know what to expect.

Your child will develop very quickly during this stage. She’s still ‘incomplete’ as a fully formed baby. For example, the soft spot at the top of her head still needs to close up. But this will happen much later at about 10-18 months.

Here are a few other things to look out for in month 1-3:

In the first couple of weeks, your baby will learn to recognize your voice. She’ll look out for it and be comforted by it when she can hear it.

Week three and four onwards, she’ll gain better control of her body. She’ll move to maintain close contact with you. This will comfort her and you both will find reassurance in this closeness.

In week four to five, she’ll be able to coo and take out sounds to amuse herself or get your attention. When you respond to her sounds, she’ll realize this works and will develop this skill as much as this stage allows.

In week five and six, her motor skills will develop further. You’ll notice her movements are less erratic. She controls her arms and legs better. They’re still jerky but considerably smoother than before.

As week six and seven come, your baby will begin to smile intentionally. Give positive responses to this so she learns that her actions will cause pleasant reactions!

In week seven to eight, her sensory skills start to develop faster. She’s looking to connect sounds to their sources by trying to figure out where they’re coming from. She’s also able to tell the difference between food flavors and sense colors better.

In week eight to nine, you’re going to witness your baby gaining more control over her neck. She can somewhat lift her neck and hold for a few seconds. You make her lie down on her tummy to help her practice and strengthen neck movement.

Week nine to ten includes your baby being able to recognize you. They’ll be able to pick out their caretaker(s) face from a crowd. This means she’s developing her social skills. So encourage interaction between your family and the baby.

With week ten and eleven comes with less sleep and more activity. Your baby will seem more energetic and less interested in napping. She’s excited about exploring the world around her, as much as her body allows. So help her out and give her a lot of things to look at!

Week eleven and twelve bring an eagerness from your child to feel things with her hands. She enjoys sensing different textures and reaches out to grab things. Allow her to enjoy different materials. Just make sure they’re sanitized!

This are only some of the changes you’ll have the privilege to watch happen to your baby. There are endless things to look forward to!

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