Here Are 5 Best Ways To Treat Diaper Rashes

You've gotta know how to do it right. You don't wanna prolong the process, do you?


Diaper rash is a common form of inflamed skin condition among babies and can be really annoying and agitating for them. It is often a result of skin sensitivity which is caused by wet or infrequently changed diapers. Diaper rashes may be alarming for parents but can usually be cured with simple home treatments.
Listed below are five best ways to treat diaper rashes:

Improvement in hygiene

Keeping the baby clean by having set timings for changing his/her diaper is a must; since it is infrequently changed diapers that cause these rashes. Parents need to remain extra careful at night and ensure the baby’s diaper isn’t wet for too long; this can be achieved if both parents divide diaper duty.

Always rinse first

Whenever changing your baby’s diaper, always rinse the area first. Keeping cotton balls with warm water on the changing table may make the process smoother.

Don’t overapply that ointment

When rashes occur, apply the prescribed ointment to help soothe your baby’s skin. However, don’t apply it each time you change the diaper. Instead, a better solution is to apply a thicker layer of ointment that can easily last a couple of diaper changes. Petroleum jelly is always a good option to keep the baby’s diaper area moisturized and minimize chances of skin irritation.

Bigger diaper, happier baby

Using diapers that are a little bigger in size can allow for better blood circulation for the baby. Loose diapers can also help prevent rashes.

Air exposure is essential

The right amount of air exposure for your baby’s skin will also provide for a quicker healing process. When the weather gets warmer, you can simply leave the diaper off for some time so that the diaper area remains exposed.

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